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At Menzies Financial Group, our specialised team of staff all work towards your goals. We specialise in finding you the loan that best suits your needs and strive to make the process a smooth and positive experience.

We have relationships with over 50 lenders, however we are not aligned to any one of them. At Menzies Financial Group, we simply find you the loan that works best for your current and future situation, whether you are:

  • an investor
  • a first home buyer
  • a self employed borrower
  • wanting to build or renovate
  • simply refinancing for a better interest rate

Menzies Financial Group is a fully accredited member of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia.

How We Work

We are flexible and can work with you any way you would like to approach getting your finance approved. This is a general guide on what you can expect and how we often work with our clients.

First Contact – You contact us and we arrange a time to meet with you.

Preparation – We will send you our Credit Services Guide, Client profile and Budget Tool to assist you in preparing for a productive meeting.

Meeting – When we meet with you our first objective is to understand your lifestyle and financial goals. Then we will use the information you have provided to us to work out your borrowing power and discuss with you how much you feel comfortable you could afford. We will also discuss the type of loans that are available and how the different products may or may not suite your own personal needs and objectives. Finally we will discuss any fees or costs that are involved in the types of loans you need. By the end of the meeting you should know how much you are likely to be able to borrow, what it will cost and how your finance can can be structured to suite your own personal requirements.

Post Meeting – Then we will take the information you provided and do extensive research across hundreds of lenders and loan products to prepare a recommendation and comparison of the best loan products that will meet your needs. We will discuss those options with you and help you decide what to do next.

Application – when you’re ready we will prepare the application forms for you and submit them to the lender you have chosen.

Approval – we will liaise with the lender on your behalf to achieve a timely approval. We will also help you understand the purchase or refinance process and guide you on steps steps you need to take with other professionals such as solicitors and real estate agents.

Settlement – once approved we will assist you with correctly executing the loan documents and manage the bank to meet settlement due dates.

Post Settlement – after your loan has settled we will check with you to make sure everything went ok and if need be contact the lender to correct any issues. We can also assist you with other financial needs that you may have and we will keep you updated via our newsletters on financial issues that you might need to consider. At any time you can contact us to check on the competitiveness of your loan and ask questions about financial matters that arise.

Access to over 50 lenders

Frequently Asked Questions

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An Menzies Financial Group broker can take the time and hassle out of shopping around for a loan, and guide you through the home buying process with great knowledge. We have answered some of the most frequent questions we receive from customers enquiring about our services.

Our service of researching, organising, and negotiating a loan on your behalf, and managing your paperwork through to settlement, is provided at no charge to you.

An Menzies Financial Group broker allows customers to enjoy the loan experience while having someone assist you in researching, organising, and negotiating on your behalf. Overall, our team of brokers aspire to help you save money, guide you through every step of the loan application process and see you achieve your dreams of home, investment, and business ownership. For more information, view our Services page.

With market knowledge of the most competitive loans available, engaging an Menzies Financial Group broker allows customers to enjoy access to over 50 lenders, including major banks, non-bank lenders, and private funders, giving them a better chance of secure a competitive loan.

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Our team will help you search, choose and settle your loan. Chat to one of our loan specialists at a time that suits you.

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