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How to Use a Mortgage Broker

13 January 2021

If you’re looking to buy a home and take out a mortgage, it is a good idea to enlist the help of a mortgage broker. Mortgage brokers have years of industry experience and connections they can utilise to find the home loan that suits your needs and their services are

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What to do When You’re Struggling to Pay Off Your Home Loan

16 December 2020

Mortgages are massive commitments that can be stressful even if you are meeting your monthly repayments with ease. This doubles when you’re struggling for cash and trying to keep up with your loan repayments without the money to do so. However, if you’re struggling to pay off your home loan,

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What Are the Initial Costs of Buying a House?

9 December 2020

Just coming up with a deposit for your mortgage can often be such a big task you can forget about the other initial costs of purchasing a home. Costs such as stamp duty, insurance and moving fees are all costs which you will need to pay at the start of

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All You Need to Know About Your Credit Score

2 December 2020

Your credit score or credit rating is a number assigned to you that is a measure of how good of a reputation you have as a borrower. The credit score condenses all of the information and factors found on your credit report into a single easy to understand number. This

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