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Should you get help from your parents with buying a home?

20 July 2021

The cost of buying a home in Australia is spinning out of control, especially if you’re looking in one of the larger metropolitan areas. Spending more than a decade’s pay on one single purchase is not feasible for most Australians. Some, when they can’t afford to buy new homes themselves,

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Unlock the value of being pre-approved for a new home loan

13 July 2021

Looking to secure a home loan? The easiest way to do so is to get pre-approved. Let’s discuss how this process works and how you can get a head start on it. Unless you’ve got hundreds of thousands in cash stashed under your mattress, it’s likely that you’ll need to

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Finding the right time to refinance your home loan

6 July 2021

If you’ve got a long-term schedule for loan repayments to buy your home, refinancing that loan can be a great way to save a lot of money for yourself and your family over the long haul. Fed up with the interest rates you’re paying and eager to find lower ones?

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How renovations can add real value to your home

24 June 2021

Renovating your home might sound expensive – but if you do it right, you may well be able to add to the property’s value and make money in the long run. Many people are turned off by the idea of renovating their homes – once you buy, the natural inclination

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