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Should you pay off your home loan early?

7 September 2021

It makes sense to want to pay your home loan off early, being free of debt can free you of your stress and worry. With the number of financial benefits that come with paying a home loan off faster, it can seem like an easy decision if you have the

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Property vs neighbourhood: Which is most important?

31 August 2021

Unfortunately, most Australians can’t afford the best house on the best street. For that reason, buying real estate is a constant compromise between budget, location and the physical attributes of the property. With that compromise in mind, what’s more important when buying a home: the location or the property itself?

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5 must have features for your investment property

24 August 2021

Buying an investment property brings with it a lot of choices, but rest assured, there are certain features which every investment property owners should consider to increase their property’s rental yields and ensure value growth. An area of strong economy and high employment The aim of an investment property is

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Reasons why you should refinance your home loan

17 August 2021

Saving money and unlocking equity – those are two good reasons why you should consider refinancing your home loan. Before we start talking interest rates, it’s important to know if you can achieve one of those two things. Unlocking equity There are countless reasons why you might want to

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