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The Most Common Mortgage Traps for First Home Buyers

10 June 2021

Many first home buyers are often overwhelmed with the entire process of acquiring a home loan. However, there are various traps which they often fall for, leading to massive regrets and costly outcomes. To help you identify these traps, here’s the most common mortgage traps for first home buyers that

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Understanding Basic Mortgage Terminology

3 June 2021

Homebuying is a demanding process and it can be overwhelming when banks and real estate agents begin speaking in financial jargon. When applying for a loan, it is vital you understand exactly what is being said. Below are some of the most common mortgage terms explained. Credit report A credit

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5 Ways to Reduce Your Home Loan Expenses

27 May 2021

While a home loan is a hefty expense, there are plenty of tactics buyers can use to significantly reduce fees, interest rates, duration and overall costs. Taking advantage of these strategies will not only save money, but will alleviate some of the stress that comes with navigating large mortgage repayments.

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Before you buy a home, be sure to inspect it thoroughly

20 May 2021

The moment you discover a house that might be a fit for your family, you’ll be tempted to move in right away. If it looks like the right place for you, why wait? You’re surely eager to begin your new life in your new home, and besides – the longer

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