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If you have already done a little search on car loans, you may have noticed the terms “Fixed Rate”, “Variable Rate”, “Vehicle Lease” and “Hire Purchase” scattered about.

We explain the difference of them all below.

A fixed rate is where the interest rate is guaranteed to stay the same for the entire loan term. So, as long as you follow your loan repayment plan, you will know exactly how much money will go towards paying off your loan.

The only downside to a fixed rate loan is that some lenders will charge a fee when the total loan amount is repaid early, and some have limits on how much extra you can repay.

Unlike the stability that comes with a fixed rate, the interest rate on a variable rate loan can change over the course of your loan term in or against your favour. But, don’t let this put you off!

If you are in a position where your finances can handle a slight rate change, and you want the opportunity to clear your debt whenever it suits, a variable rate car loan could be more suitable for you.

A finance lease is a form of a rental agreement because the lessor owns the asset. At the end of the lease you have the option of purchasing the asset (for a residual amount agreed up front), trading in for a new vehicle or simply terminating the lease.

There is a risk that at the end of the lease the asset will be worth less than the residual value. One of the advantages of a finance lease is that the finance company pays the GST component which makes your payments lower.

With a hire purchase, the finance company owns the vehicle during the life of the agreement. When you make the final payment including a balloon payment if relevant you take ownership of the vehicle.

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