What counts as genuine savings in a loan application?

If you apply for a home loan, particularly if the loan is for more than 80 per cent of a property’s value, you’ll more than likely have to prove to lenders that you have a satisfactory amount of savings. This is to demonstrate your ability to funnel a portion of your income into repayments.
Although it can differ, in most cases lenders generally look for consistent additions to savings over a period of at least three months and preferably a year or more. This means that the following are not considered genuine savings:
● a cash gift
● an inheritance
● casino/other gambling winnings
● proceeds of the sale of a non-investment asset
● government grants and other finance offered as incentives

Lenders will ask for a bank statement over the most recent 3-6 month period to show your savings history. If the statement shows lump sum deposits they may also ask for documents to verify the source of those lump sums.

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